Mother Earth is dying and now Her one hope of healing lies in a . . .
May we all assist our Earth Mother in this.  As best we can!

In My Heart there lives the dream of a beautiful garden.  It is a sacred garden.  It is the form our Mother Earth wanted to take.  She wanted to be filled with lush gardens, waterfalls, soft warm sunlight, misty vapors and cool fragrant breezes.  She wanted to be soft, and gentle and romantic.  She wanted to be loved and adored and revered in her right place, as our Mother, the giver of all life.  She needed and wanted balance, and acceptence for her wonderful gifts.  Gifts of life, and love and reproduction.  But almost before She had time to know the beauty that She was, something happened and our beautiful Earth Mother began to fall.

Some say She did wrong, and is being punished.  Others say because She is biological, She is less than divine and doesn't have the ability to remain eternal.  Whatever the reason, our Mother is tired now.  Very tired.  All the pristine beauty that once was, is going away.  Her streams are dirty.  Her land is bare.  Her wildlife is dead and dying.  Her air is filled with smoke and debris, and Her face is old and careworn.

Does anyone care that once She was a beautiful maiden that opened up her dark, rich soil to receive the seed of the Sun God?  He planted His Spirit into Her biological womb and from there we grew....  yet in all this long time, there is no talk of our Mother.  We have a Father and an Elder Brother.  But Mother has lost Her place of reverence in our Hearts and this is reflected in the way we treat Her, with our garbage and our continual abuse, so that to describe anything as earthly has become akin to saying it is evil and "of the flesh" has come to mean something much, much less than Divine.

It's almost too late to turn back the hands of time;  Her heart has been so broken by our rejection of Her, and yet... in my heart, I have hope that somehow we will do it, and that She will forgive us.  I miss the Earth Mother.  I miss the beauty that once was She.  The perfection that could and should exist.  Without Her clean, clear water for us to drink, and Her rich gardens for us to feast upon, and Her fresh clean air to nurture us, we might as well have never existed.

Let us go back to Eden.  It's a journey that begins in the heart.  We will never move to save our Mother unless we open our hearts to feel Her pain.  It doesn't take long to get there, but the journey to repair the Earth Mother has only just begun.  It only takes a step to begin... taking the time to recycle or to help a stray or abandoned animal to find shelter.  Maybe plant a tree, or even build an earthship.

May we all go inside to this beautiful garden, and shine the light of our awareness into Her darkness, and let Her know that we still love Her.  That we always have, and that we always will.

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Please call again.

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animal abuse by Procter and Gamble - a protest

Click on this, the late Mr Bunny's obituary icon, to visit an important Animal Rights page.  This webpage targets horrific product testing on animals as carried out by the Procter & Gamble company and, if we have any compassion at all, we can do nothing less than condemn Procter and Gamble for what they are doing.

child abuse in rural Oklahoma - an e-book

And here is the front cover of my novel, The Good Mother, which deals with the emotional and physical abuse of Melanie, a young child living in rural Oklahoma.  You can click on this book cover for more details and a first chapter preview.

So... animal abuse, child abuse, the abuse of nature in general and of the very Earth herself... this has forever been the sorry story of mankind (mancruel?) but surely time, at last, is running out.

Oh yes, and by the way, if any of you are still waiting for that very special someone to turn up on your doorstep, then maybe you'd care to visit my Absolutely Sweethearts online romance page.

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